Adrien Denat


Made-to-order apparel for tees creators

Using Everpress, artists can sell clothing merchandise to fans anywhere in the world. Everpress is supporting creators and reducing waste in fashion through made-to-order apparel campaigns.

"The guys [...] have designed and built a very complex platform which we're extremely proud of.
Each problem that was presented was resolved quickly and efficiently."
Alex Econs, Founder & CEO of Everpress

The frontend of both e-commerce website and application hasn been built, where sellers can pick their products, upload a design and manage their own campaign page through an editor.

Tech: React, Redux, Node, Webpack
Year: 2018
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Idyia Shakespeare

Helping generation X to discover Shakespeare.

Interactive content, quizzes, instant glossary definitions are some of the features we built to help students accelerate their learning using the Idyia platform. Teachers keep track of students progress through the plays in the admin by viewing their quiz scores, notes and engagement.

During 3 months of Agile workflow, I built the application frontend working closely with the UI designer and backend developer. I took responsibility of the architecture, user permissions management, API communications and UI interactions.

Tech: React, Redux, Node, Webpack
Year: 2016

Feast It

Building Airbnb for food trucks.

Bored of hunting down and comparing individual food trucks online, they pictured a sexy, intuitive e-commerce platform that would connect food truck suppliers directly to clients.

From MVP to extended features and SEO optimisations, I took the technical lead on the frontend and UX of the entire product.

"I worked with Adrien over a pretty long period whilst building and scaling the MVP.
Adrien is a great person to work with: easy to get on with, reliable, super creative, and hard working. We thought his perspective on UX was brilliant and the actual work he did was always of a super high standard."
Digby Vollrath: CEO & Co-Founder of Feast It

Tech: React, Redux, Node, Webpack
Year: 2017

Recent projects

Museum for the United Nations


Project: MyMark:MyCity

Year: 2019


Gatsby, multi languages, ThemeUI, Emotion

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Project: Netflix Dark official guide

Year: 2018, 2019 (s01, s02)


Gatsby, 9 languages, SEO optimisation, Mobile focused



Project: Polymath Design System

Year: 2019


Blockchain, Decentralized application, TypeScript, Design System, Accessibility, Developer experience