Freelance dev based in London,
currently working from Brazil.

I love building websites and products with a meaning.

Beautiful interfaces is my thing.
I specialise in software engineering but I'm ready to work on a wide variety of project.
I like to share about frontend development on my Twitter and sometimes write longer thoughts on articles.

Within 7 years of experience in frontend development, I've been working on awarded marketing websites, products and mobile applications. I recently left my position of lead frontend developer at NEVERBLAND to start working as a freelancer.
I now have about 5 projects in production using React, Redux and also GraphQL, but I'm open to other frameworks too! I'm always looking for the fastest, cleanest and most efficient way to build user interfaces.
Lately I have been focusing on mobile applications using React Native and Java on Android.
I love remote work and I would make you change your mind about how efficient it can be!

My local time is: 🇧🇷